About Me


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Linda, born in Birmingham, England.  After ten years of travelling in various countries, working and learning other languages, I settled in the Netherlands in 1979 where I worked and grew up my family.  In 2005 I lived in Almería, Andalucia, Spain and took up employment as an English teacher in an Academy.  There, I taught school children and during the evenings, adults.  Later I had the opportunity of teaching on location, i.e. in various offices where the CEO and the employees took part in my lessons.  For a number of months I also gave lessons to school children in their own homes.  Four years ago I returned to the Netherlands and took up teaching again.  Now again, in 2015 I am teaching business English once a week in a nearby company as well as the lessons  I give at my office at home.

Apart from English I speak Dutch and Spanish and do quite well with Italian, and although my French has become rather rusty through lack of use, I am still able to remember quite a lot if necessary.

My hobbies are Latin dance, sport and handicrafts and I have built up a nice collection of silver and Swarovski earrings which I have made.

I believe that learning a foreign language should not only be a challenge but also an enjoyable experience in which my students can feel at ease and comfortable when speaking English.  This is what I strive to achieve and my lessons are therefore given in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  I get great satisfaction and fulfilment to see students’ progression and the realisation that they are achieving their goals.

I hope I have the opportunity of being your teacher!


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